happy easter art in gold frame with Easter eggs all round

Free Happy Easter Printable

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This Free Happy Easter printable is the perfect finishing touch to your Easter Decor! It’s available in two sizes and super easy to print and frame!

Happy Easter Printable in gold Fram on wood tray with easter eggs and bunny with flowers in the background

Spring has sprung, and with it comes the vibrant, joyous season of Easter. It’s a time of renewal and celebration, and what better way to embrace the spirit of the season than by adding a touch of Easter charm to your home? Today, we’re diving into the delightful world of Easter decorating with a special treat for you – a free Easter printable that will add a burst of color and joy to any room!

The Joy of Easter Decorating

Easter decorating is all about celebrating the freshness of spring and the joyous spirit of the holiday. From pastel colors and blooming flowers to charming bunnies and colorful eggs, Easter decorations bring a lively and hopeful atmosphere to our homes. Incorporating an Easter-themed printable into your decor is an easy, cost-effective way to refresh your space and celebrate the season. It’s also a quick way to add a finishing touch to your Easter decor!

Easter Printable Supplies:

  • Free Easter Printable: Free Happy Easter Printable 5 x 7 size can be accessed here and the 8 x 10 size can be accessed here. (Subscribers to our newsletter receive a lifetime code to access our entire free printable collection and eBooks. If you’d like to subscribe and receive the passcode, you can sign up here.)
  • Printer: To bring your printable to life in vibrant color. Craft printers like this one work great for card stock!
  • Paper or Cardstock: Choose cardstock for a sturdier, more durable print.
  • Frame: To give your printable a polished look and integrate it seamlessly into your decor.
  • Scissors: To cut out your printable neatly.

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How to Make the Easter Printable:

  1. Download the Printable: Choose between 5×7 or 8×10 sizes to fit your space perfectly. Our free Easter printable has a timeless neutral green and cream gingham background with watercolor cross and Easter Lillies.
  2. Cut It Out: With your scissors, carefully cut along the edges of the printable. If you’re using cardstock, make sure your scissors are sharp for a clean cut. You can also use a rotary cutter and mat.
  3. Frame Your Art: Place the cutout in a frame that complements your decor. A simple gold, white or pastel-colored frame can enhance the Easter vibe without overshadowing the printable’s design. I’ve linked this gold frame below.
  4. Enjoy Your Easter Decor: Place your framed printable on a mantel, shelf, or table, or hang it on a wall. It’s an instant piece of Easter cheer that will enliven your space!

Embrace the Easter Season

This free Easter printable is more than just a decoration; it’s a celebration of springtime and the joyful spirit of Easter. It’s a simple way to bring a touch of the season into your home and a perfect project for families, craft enthusiasts, or anyone looking to add a little Easter joy to their day.

So why wait? Download your free Easter printable today, and start creating a space that’s as vibrant and joyful as the season itself. Happy Easter and happy decorating!

What are some ways you like to decorate for Easter?

Do you like adding little touches of Easter decor throughout your home? Let me know your favorite things to incorporate into your Easter decorating in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

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The Best Free Easter Printable Happy Easter on green and cream gingham with watercolor cross and easter Lillies in a gold frame

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